JU still DO’nt know what you’re doing…

styleAn interwebs commenter left a comment on my last post. Since the comment included a fair amount of 8th grade profanity–exceeding even my low standards!–I chose to delete it.  I will briefly address the only salvageable part of his comment: judo and aikido suck. MMA is superior.

Dude: I’m 47 with a fair amount of mileage and old injuries. I also have a 40-50 hr/wk office job where I sit on my butt half the day. At this stage of the game I’m looking for a form of exercise that motivates me to keep at it. Martial arts still fit that bill. Based on experience, martial arts also gives me stress relief which is something I sorely need as well. Bottom line: I don’t care which style is “best” nor do I care to engage you in that debate.

Update to the last post

Since people on the frontier still prefer the Pony Express over things like voice mail I’m going to have to drop in unannounced on the aikido dojo. There is an adult class on Sunday mornings so I’m going to swing by. The dojo is near my current gym so after I chat with the instructor and hopefully observe, I can sneak in a workout too.

Then I’ll decided which class to try: judo or aikido. Who knows? I may end up trying both before deciding on one.


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  1. Can’t wait to hear how this morning goes. My few forays into aikido always had me watch the first go round. I guess it was to reduce surprise for new comers. Down to end of the newbie!


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