Judo Delayed

delayedI discovered that the judo club is not holding classes again until the week of January 5th. During the third week of January I have to travel for the job and will miss a Thursday. Counting the first Tuesday for class observation I’ll (hypothetically) get to participate in four solid classes before the state road trip.

Hatching this grim plan has made me realize the limits of my home exercise motivation:

  • Weights and bike at the iron pit X2/week
  • Run X1/week (also have an exercise bike at home)
  • Stretching X1-2/week
  • Basic punch/kick and mook jong X1/week

That last point has been the extent of my martial arts practice. Moreover, the kick part is mostly waist to low kick level these days.

My motivation has been rough to say the least. I’m bored with the above exercise routine and I hang on to only the most fundamental aspects of martial arts, but that’s about it.

My plan is to throw myself (pun intended!) into judo and see what happens. If I’m holding up then I’ll build the rest of my weekly exercise around it. Counting mental health and old man recovery time, I may have to let running go again — we shall see.

I used to practice my chin na and TKD self-defense as mini katas. If judo gels I’ve decided to let all that go. Combined with the grappling of judo my basic punch/kick routine and mook for in-fighting is all the badassery I need.

These days it’s less about becoming Billy Badass and more about exercise and personal growth.


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