Operation Judo

judo4Since last investigating I’ve discovered that the judo club has grown. They used to charge a fee on top of the YMCA membership but now you get free judo classes if you buy a YMCA membership. If I did not want to go that route I could pay the $6 daily drop-in fee. Since I get a corporate discount for being an educator the monthly is $50. Pretty sweet deal. Downside? The local YMCA is mostly a dungeon crap-hole. I’ll also have to give up the iron pit gym membership if this hair-brained idea works.

The adult classes are Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. I missed last night due to one of our cats going missing. We have a huge basement and somehow she figured out how to get up on the duct work that hangs from the ceiling. Long story short: we found her stuck and mad. Anyhoo, I’m going to observe a judo class this coming Tuesday before Christmas.

I’m picking this place for the wrong reason: price. I’m also not sure how my neck will hold up. Add to that my nervousness about my age and we’ll see how it goes. This could end badly. 🙂

My plan is to tell the instructor I’m looking for a different way to exercise which is true. I also plan to tell him that I did a little boxing in my late 20s but that’s the extent of my MA experience. Convincing them I don’t need a walker will be bad enough. Adding my past black belt in TKD and my kung fu experience will only lead to one of two things: 1) The wrong assumption that I will somehow be more advanced than I am and 2) The concessional jackass who wants to mop the mat with a geriatric striker.

If anything, I’ll have a few interesting posts until I end up in a c-collar.


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